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Project Description
NetFXHarmonics DevServer is a web server hosting environment built on WPF and WCF technologies that allows multiple instances of Cassini-like web servers to run in parallel. DevServer also includes tracing capabilities for monitoring requests and responses, request filtering, automatic ViewState and ControlState parsing, visually enhanced HTTP status codes, IP binding modes for both local-only as well as remote access, and easy to use XML configuration.

NetFXHarmonics Blog

DevServer Announcement and Overview

As a Training Tool

NetFXHarmonics DevServer is built on .NET 3.5 using WPF, WCF, and LINQ. DevServer could be used as a training tool to help teach WPF binding, WCF communication, LINQ collection transformation and querying, and .NET 2.0 custom configuration. See the "As a Training Tool" in the "DevServer Announcement and Overview" blog entry for more detailed information how using DevServer as a training tool.



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